BDC Tank Mini Clear (510 Fitting)

BDC Tank Mini Clear (510 Fitting)



The BDC Tank Mini Clear houses a BDC (Bottom Dual Coil) atomizer head in an elegantly designed glass 2ml tank with chrome fitments. An ergonomic chrome mouthpiece and 510 connector complete the tank. Introduced to complement the Curve e-cigarette, these tanks are also compatible with a huge range of e-cig batteries.

Easy to fill and operate, the BDC Tank Mini Clear offers the user outstanding performance in terms of flavour and vapour production, as well as the convenience and cost saving that is associated with its key feature, the ease of the heating element (atomizer head) replacement. These e-cig tanks are amazing value as the pack contains three 1.8ohm atomizer heads, one fitted and two spare.

With a bottom mounted dual coil atomizer, which is permanently immersed in e-liquid, the risk of a ‘dry hit’ or burning is eliminated. The dual coil set up spreads the load producing heads of flavour and vapour from a normal 3.7V battery. Using a Tornado battery these atomizers will deliver in excess of 7.5W. The versatility of this design means that the BDC Tank Mini Clear is equally at home on variable voltage devices, such as the Curve e-cigarette, and can be used with a plinth if required.