Polka E-cig Kit and E-liquid

Polka E-cig Kit and E-liquid


The Polka is the ideal starter e-cig kit for first time vapers. An all in one system means the Polka is compact and discreet. The Polka is designed for ease of use, with its internal 1.8ml tank and 650mAh automatic battery, it comes as a complete kit with everything you need to get started, including a 10ml bottle of UK produced Red Label e-liquid.



  • Located under the mouthpiece, the 1.8ml tank is easy to fill and maintain. The 1.4ohm IC atomizer head is simple to change by removing the atomizer tube from the tank, while at the top of the tube is adjustable airflow to allow you to change your vaping experience.
  • The 650mAh integrated battery is activated automatically, this means there are no buttons to press, simply inhaling gently will activate the battery and allow you to vape. Charging can be completed using the on-board USB port, you can also vape while your Polka e-cig is on charge.
  • Your remaining e-liquid can be seen through the side window, there is also a coloured LED that signals your remaining battery life.