Red Label e-liquid

Red Label e-liquid



Building upon the heritage of the Original e-liquid branding, our Red Label e-liquid is very special. Not only is it designed and produced using only the best UK produced products, but these products have been brought together after significant effort and time invested into supplier research and relationship development, such that we can say with confidence that these fluids are one of the most superior available and we believe offer the very best value for money. However, our opinion is of much less value than our customers.

These fluids have been tested thoroughly, included panels of our own customers to give the direction and feedback. This testing has allowed the Red Label range to be honed to the level of quality and consistency that we believe supports our claims that Totally Wicked Red Label is the best quality UK produced e-liquid, offered at a price that delivers on our commitment to produce more of our own products and pass the value we can generate directly to our customers.

Offered in 31 unique flavours and in 6 strengths from 0.0% to 3.0% (30mg/ml), we believe that there is a flavour and strength in the Red Label range for everyone.