Totally Wicked Red Label Iced Range

Totally Wicked Red Label Iced Range



Bursting with flavour, sweet, moreish and all on ice. Experience succulent fruit, citrus blasts and floral berries, which are ultimately cool and satisfying. The Iced Red Label e-liquid range will conjure images of slushies in the summer and the tinkling of ice cubes, with a cool ice menthol hit.

Offered in 6 cool flavours and in 7 strengths from 0.0% (0mg/ml) to 3.0% (30mg/ml) with a PG/VG ratio of 50:50.

Flavour & Description
Iced Blackcurrant – Succulent blackcurrants on a bed of cool ice
Iced Blueberry – Frozen blueberries as cold as ice
Iced Lemon and Lime – Fresh lemon and limes with an icy finish
Iced Orange – Orange juice fresh from the cooler
Iced Raspberry – Raspberry slushy straight from summer
Iced Strawberry – Sweet natural strawberries covered in a cool menthol